One of the newer kitchen design idea of the last 5 years or so is to get a color TV for the kitchen. Very popular are under-cabinet mounted TV units that combine a small LCD panel with a built-in DVD player, NTSC cable-ready tuner, and FM/AM radio. Most of these units are limited to a screen size of to 7-10 inches. These types of kitchen LCD TV's are great because of the advantages of not consuming counter space with a free-standing TV, not needing to stick a DVD player inside a cabinet and run A/V cables, etc. The under counter kitchen TV's are made for the kitchen so they are easy to install.

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The other choice is to mount a kitchen TV on the wall somewhere. The big advantage here with a kitchen flat panel TV is that you can put in a larger size than the under cabinet TV and you can have more choices where you mount it. You might then have a bit of a problem with the cords and connections to the cable and have to do some drilling into the walls. These TV's are not specifically made for the kitchen and so they might be more of a challenge to design. With the wall mounted kitchen TV though, you have more kitchen design options and can become more creative with your ideas.

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