How to update a kitchen is something that many people are wrestling with. Rather than move houses or relocate, many are deciding to remodel their kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms in the house. Ultimately, it is cheaper to refurbish the cabinets and change the kitchen floors than it is to move houses.

When you look at your kitchen, you might immediately see many things that need help. Great kitchen design ideas involve making some changes but ultimately working with what you have. In an extreme case you might want to knock a wall out to make more space for a kitchen island but in most cases something that drastic is not needed.

The kitchen counter tops and cabinets are what most folks see when they walk into a kitchen. If your counters are old, worn, and faded it is time to replace them or refurbish them. Granite is the "in" counter top with kitchens and all new houses are now being built with granite counter tops. Note that the color of granite is a personal choice but there are differences. A dark rock seems to show streaks more than a lighter shade of granite. It is similar to black and white cars: black cars always show dirt more than white cars. So, if you are looking for kitchen granite counter tops with the least maintenance you should choose a lighter color.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a good idea and much easier than totally replacing your cabinets. If the cabinets are still of good quality, a simple refacing job that matches them with the counters and other kitchen colors will do nicely.

No kitchen remodel or update is complete without a new paint job. Great colors for kitchens are usually lighter ones that have a bright atmosphere. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen by a lot of different people so keep that in mind for any colors you choose. Not all kitchen color ideas should necessarily be bright though as you have to match the color to your floor, counters and cabinets.

Of all the kitchen design ideas, redoing your floor is one of the changes that will make the most impact. If you have a floor made of vinyl or some other plastic like material, it has to go. Right now people all over are discovering how beautiful kitchen wood floors are and the best looking kitchens you see in magazines all have wood floors. Once you put yours in, you may want to take out the carpet on the main floor of your house and replace the whole thing with hardwood floors. Wood flooring for your kitchen may be one of the more expensive changes you make but the consensus will be that it is worth it.

If you have the room, any remodelled and modernized kitchen needs an island. As stated above, some people have to knock out a wall to get the room and an island does not look right without ample space. Kitchen islands can be simple and serve as just an additional area for cutting or they can be more advanced and actually have burners and sinks on them. Regardless of what type of kitchen island you decide to install, make absolute sure there is enough room otherwise the whole idea will backfire and it will look out of place and silly.

Lighting is another important component of any kitchen redesign and an island allows you to put in lights that hang from the ceiling. These are the newest kitchen lighting ideas and most homes with fancy islands also come with lights that hang down similar to a night club. The other types of lighting you have in your kitchen is also important and having it bright enough for cooking and cutting must not be overlooked.

These are just some of the ways to update and modernize your kitchen. You can choose to do a few things are a lot of things but either way, there are surely some improvements you can make in your kitchen so that it doesn't get too outdated and remains the favorite gathering spot in your house for friends and family.