When you start coming up with all your new kitchen design ideas, you have to think of not only the physical changes you want to make to the room but also the things you might want to do with the walls.

The kitchen colors are very important as we have discussed but so are the various items you decide to hang on the walls. Some people ruin their whole kitchen decors by putting to many things on their walls. They have their refrigerators totally covered with pictures and notes and their kitchen walls look much the same being crammed with junk.

A tasteful kitchen will have just the right amount of things hanging on the walls such as perhaps some cooking utensils, a wall clock, perhaps a small kitchen LCD TV, and perhaps a picture or two. The main thing is to create the proper balance.

Kitchen wall clocks are nice because there are literally thousands of styles and designs to choose from. You want your clock to match the colors and decor of your kitchen so that it looks like it fits right in. In other words, if your kitchen is elegant with dark wood cabinets and granite, a clock that is a modern style might not look quite right.

Wall clocks can be an important accent piece in any room because they are not only a piece of art but they are functional too. Kitchen wall clocks are something that most kitchens DO NOT have and are something you can add to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. Clocks that have a gentle or pleasant ticking add a little life to a room and give it a "lived in" feel.